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VbaRobot key features

We selected the main features of VbaRobot that may interest you.


Microsoft 365

- system designed in Access
- tested in Microsoft 365
- own useful functions
- many examples
- extensive VBA library

VBA library


- tested in R3/S4 Hana
- own useful functions
- few SAP examples
- functions and example for SAP Analysis in Excels

SAP Gui Scripting API

SQL Server

- tested & compatible
- no relationships in VbaRobot database
- easy transfer to SQL Server
- needs only ODBC conn. string

Import Access Database

IT security

- works under locked screen
(monitor can be off)
- simple instalation
- setup by Trusted Locations
- works on Virtual machine

Lock your screen

Where can You use VbaRobot?

This could be quite comprehensive list but there are many possible solution for your company. Try to identify the most time-consuming processes. Based on our experience, VbaRobot is best suited to the following areas:

VbaRobot = RPA + VBA

VbaRobot is RPA tool written in VBA (Visual Basic for Application) and using this language to program robotic processes, which ensures their full compatibility. VbaRobot is a desktop computer application designed mainly to automate office work and perform tasks in Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, IE, SAP, etc.
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Own functions library

We have prepared a special set of functions that greatly facilitate the automation of office processes. Most of the functions are used in
> 20 examples attached to the downloaded files.
In addition, below we have added 4 simple cases of bots with a brief description and videos.

4 simple Bots cases :

Case 1

Case 1

Update excel pivot + Send email

In this case Bot will open Excel file, update Pivot and add it to email body. All using only one function (1 line in VBA code): OutlookMailHTML_AddExcelPivotFromFile(...)

Case 2

Case 2

Update PowerQuery + Chart + Send email

Bot update PowerQuery, add Table,Chart to email body by functions : OutlookMailHTML_ AddExcelTableFromFile(...) OutlookMailHTML_AddExcelChartObjectFromFile(...)

Case 3

Case 3

Update Access Query + Send email

In this case Bot will open Access file, update Query, add it to email body with Excel style. All using one function: OutlookMailHTML_AddAccessQueryFromFileExcelStyle(...)

Case 4

Case 4

Extract data from SAP + send email

In this case Bot will go into SAP transaction, load parameters, save results in Excel file and send it by email.

4 simple Bots cases - on video

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install?

It takes a few minutes, no need to restart your computer, read the info on Free/Pricing page and follow the four steps on the Install page.

Do I need to ask IT dep. to install VbaRobot?

Depends on your company’s security policy. The VbaRobot system does not require any changes to the computer settings or to anti-virus programs, configuration should be made mainly in the “Trust Center” in Microsoft office applications. Following the instructions on the Install page is enough.

How can I learn VbaRobot quickly?

It is best to follow the instructions in the file “ReadMe before first use of VbaRobotServer.txt” and by modifying more than 20 examples.

How long can the robot run without stopping?

Theoretically endless, in practice the bots worked for several weeks without any breaks.

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